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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Work . .

Dear Friends of the Learning Garden, 

So much to report this week, where to begin? As we enter into the deep of August, let our first thoughts be for corn. Grown from fresh kernels nurtured by the sun.

Remember slipping and sliding up to the garden in days gone by? 
Remember rolling on the pebbles like it was a PNE ride? 

Well, thanks to Dewan and Kieran, we now have a much more user-friendly staircase. Check it out. Before . . .

. . .  and after! Let the good times roll! Great craftsmanship, guys.

We have maintained good, simple, spaces for thought. . . 

Strawberry plants planted . . . 

 Flowers growing . . .
 Tomatoes . . 

And Zuccinni flowers. . . great deep fried, or try Zuccinni cakes


So thankful for the beautiful August bounty and, the open-hearted crew, working alongside the lovely way of nature, letting her do her thing. 

Stay tuned . . . 



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