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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Garlic Power!

Dear good friends of the garden, 

In early October KLO Middle school visited the Learning Garden.

Student teachers practiced progressive middle school ed through environmental learning. Go Scott!

The day was fun-filled.

Students dug deep....

Plotted the new garden beds....

...and carefully planted garlic.

Level that soil.

We gathered at the Okanagan First Nations Firepit

...and listened as Mike Marchand told the story of carving the salmon (7 years ago now).

Students explored the pine forest, bonded with pine cones...

Then collected rocks for a future Mystery Project....


Love rocks...

 Sarah brought an ancient Mystery Rock....yes that is fossilised dinosaur dung.

Students explored the pond.

This post is dedicated to previous middle school cohorts....with thanks for saving this little patch of forest.

Thank you, teachers...

...and driver.

In Solidarity!

See you next time.


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