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Friday, August 01, 2014


Dear friends of the Learning Garden,

Summer's heating up in the Okanagan . . fortunately our excellent garden crew (Angela, Dewan and Kieran) have the skills and passion to nurture the life that grows there. There's corn growing, and kale, lettuce, herbs, peppers - and squash! More photos to come, so please stay tuned. 

Environmental degradation of our oceans and earth continues. . . and positive, life-giving choices need to be made about how we will co-exist and honour the life that we are a part of. 

As the Learning Garden quietly thrives, and sows the work now for Fall activities, it also seems like a good time now to pause and thank all of the students who have lent a helping hand over the past 8 (yes!) years!! A heart-felt thanks. Because of you, the UBCO campus has retained a bit of pine forest and green-space that includes: a pond, a First Nations fire pit, and a lovely little learning garden. The space brings peace to everyone on campus. 

Kieran and Dewan: You rock!

A poem about gratitude, connection and memory from Winston Abbott:

beyond forgetting
. . . 

that my life is not a solitary thing
it is a bit of the rushing tide
a leaf of the bending tree
a kernel of grain the golden wheat fields
a whisper of wind about the mountaintop
a reflection of sunlight upon the shining waters

it is fleeting

it is of the moment

it is timeless

it is of eternity.
-Winston O. Abbott


Veronica Gaylie


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