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Friday, November 29, 2013

Rocks and Ripples

Dear Middle Years Philosophy Class and Friends,

One very special day this term, Rutland Middle School and their teacher, Mr. Ryan Scorgie, visited the Learning Garden and the Middle School Teacher Ed class. 

We collected rocks, built a Celtic Spiral, then filled it with soil.

Click to view the slideshow:

Why a spiral?

In Celtic art and symbolism, the spiral represents the path leading from the outer world (materialism, external awareness, ego) to the inner (enlightened, intuitive)world. 

Some other spirals....

and who could forget,

More on our aspiring garden spiral in Spring 2014. 

With peace, for the coming weeks,


Of Middle years philosophy, and the Fruit
Of that learning garden and peace tree, That
Brought light and inspiration into our pedagogy
Sing O Educational Muse!
And though this poem, epic not be
This course truly was.
. . .

(From student Chris England's poem, "The Legend of Philosophers 2013", read during our final class of the term).


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