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Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall Update: Wheat, Firepit, Pond

Veronica's classes went to the Learning Garden this Fall. 

A thick crop of wheat was planted in the Celtic Spiral/Labrynth.

Why wheat? Canada is the world's sixth largest supplier of wheat. Wheat is historically considered a kind of 'untouchable' crop - non-GMO crop. In 2004 Canadian farmers opposed Monsanto's bid to introduce GMO wheat. In May 2013, illegally contaminated GMO wheat was found in the US. We would not want to see wheat go the way of Canola.

Last July we reported that inconsistencies around current Canadian Wheat policy includes:

 The word-wide wheat shortage reached the UK in 2012.
In future, food prices will rise, globally.

For all of these reasons and more, the Learning Garden supports organic, non-GMO Canadian wheat growing. We plan to cultivate a curriculum that explores wheat as a food staple, an historical sacred treasure, and as a beautiful, food-bearing grass. 

Imagine the Celtic Spiral filled with wheat come Springtime.

The Firepit

Michael Marchand, Okanagan teacher, also gave his annual talk to the students at the Firepit (a co-creation between Mike and Okanagan artist Kevin Witzke). The Firepit, an exploration of the En'owkin Four Food Chiefs, reminds teachers of their potential, hidden depth and power to make positive contributions to the life-cycle. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration, Mike.

The Old Pond continues to attract wildlife and a wide variety of water plants and
traditional reeds.

Students put the Learning Garden to bed for winter. 


Students filled the composter.

Produce was harvested and brought to the Kelowna Food Bank. 

Thanks all.


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