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Friday, June 20, 2008

Art & Ecology

Turtle, symbol of water.

Lia Brown (UBCO Middle School education, and artist) investigated the history of the Turtle Crossing at Commonage Road next to Rose's Pond, Vernon BC for her final research (GRIP) project in teacher education. For this, Lia contacted the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation, and Ministry of Environment, and various others, for further information.

At the same time, Lia made screenprint turtle flags then placed them on the side of the road to raise driver awareness of turtle mortality.

Lia's artwork, created entirely from donated, found and low cost materials, has received an incredibly positive response from the Vernon community. In response to Lia's inquiries, fences and pipes and throughways were quickly repaired at the turtle crossing, so that the turtles can once again safely cross the road - and build their habitat on the South Slope of the pond.

Well done Lia. And, thank-you to BC Ministry of Environment and Transportation for their positive response and prompt action.

Thanks to Dr. Vicki Green, UBCO Faculty of Education, for her advice in this project.

The Painted Turtle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Painted_Turtle


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